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Yacht Management

Enjoy your yacht, minimize the risks

Some think of their yacht charter as a refreshing break, a way to relax and gain perspective. Some look forward to it as a shared adventure between family or friends, or as a healthy, energetic activity. For many, a yacht charter in Greece might be the dream of a lifetime. Whatever the way you look at it, when you start considering your yacht charter in Greece, the fact remains that you need a team to provide you with personal attention and first hand knowledge, a combination that will give you a unique vacation. Professionals who will make of your yacht charter in Greece an experience to be remembered. PELAGOS* is your specialist to arrange your charter in Greece.

Our team, born and raised in Greece and having sailed onboard all types of yachts , across every mile of the Greek seas, got together in 1987 and for the past 20 years has been providing high rank service to its customers from all over the world.


Cost Control

Control Expenses Cost

Maintaining and operating a yacht represents a considerable expense for any Owner. A professional manager, working closely with Captain and Crew, can help control expenses, ensuring that optimal pricing is obtained in the procurement of goods and services.


Ownership Risk Management

Our role to ensure that your yacht is at its best

The Ownership of a yacht carries with it obligations and potential liabilities for an Owner, both in regard to the legal operation of the vessel and through the employment of the crew.

"Has the Owner acted as a reasonable ship owner would?" is a fundamental test which is applied under Maritime Law. By delegating management responsibility to a professional and experienced Yacht Manager an Owner is considered to have acted reasonably, in turn providing the Owner with protection from the prospect of consequential liabilities.

As Yacht Manager it is our role to ensure that the yacht is maintained and operated in accordance with ever evolving legislation and is in compliance with local regulations.