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Let us help you make the right choice and offer guidance. Please go through the FAQ below or send us an email.
Which type of yacht is best for me?

The choice of yacht for your cruise is very important to the success of your holiday. Please ask us to help you select the yacht best suited to your needs. We will also advise on the right crew to complement the style of charter you may prefer. It is the combination of the right yacht and the right crew that will guarantee a charter to remember.

You may find it helpful to have a few guidelines on the different types of yachts available:

Motor yachts combine speed, comfort and luxury. Outdoor areas are usually large while their indoor areas comfortably cater to guests' requirements. Motor yachts might be either of heavy displacement, that generally gives a cruising speed of between 10 and 14 knots, or fast planning motor yachts capable of continuous speeds in excess of 20 knots.

Traditional schooners combining wind, sail and the power of a motor blending tradition with comfort and the relaxed experience of sailing. Motor sailers have a more spacious interior than the performance sailing yacht, and a larger, robust machinery for cruising under power alone. Other advantages can be the additional deck space for sunbathing and dining areas plus increased storage for water sports equipment.

They rely on wind and sails aided by an auxiliary engine. Large sailing yachts combine exhilarating performance under sail with the ability to motor at speeds of up to 10 knots and luxurious facilities. A wonderful advantage is the total peace and quiet when the engine is turned off and you sail off into the sunset.

Bareboat charter versus skippered charter versus crewed charter

Bareboat (non crew) charter
The term bareboat applies to sailing yachts & motor yachts ranging from 30' to 60', fully equipped with the most modern safety and navigation equipment.

Bareboat yacht charter in Greece legally requires two crew members capable of commanding the vessel.

Under this category we offer a wide range of yacht types, unmatched for performance, luxury and ease of operation.

Bareboats are bare of only a crew: big master staterooms with private heads, hot water, spacious decks, fully appointed and equipped galleys. Onboard you may also encounter CD players with cockpit speakers, GPS navigation systems and autopilots. Virtual floating homes where technical performance is rivaled by live-in comfort.

Crewed charter
Whether you are after the speed of muscle engines, the romance of the classic sail or the elegance of a traditional motor sailer, the crewed charter remains the ultimate experience.

Mastersuites and guest rooms designed to satisfy the most demanding requests. Spacious decks allow you to relax and enjoy the warm sun or a dinner al fresco. A whole collection of water "toys" to fill your day activities, as well as advanced telecom systems to keep you in touch with the rest of the world, are available.

Well experienced and discreet crews are always prepared to cater to your mood at a moment's notice. The number of a crew will match the size of your boat. The captains are lifetime professionals , who have earned their stripes through naval or merchant marine experience. A fine cuisine is another standard on board crewed charter. Your chefs create miracles with the provisions that the rich seas of Greece give them. They are talented and proficient in many cuisines.

Skippered charter
If this will be your first sailing experience, or if you are not entirely comfortable handling one of our yachts on your own, you can hire the services of a professional skipper. Our skippers are friendly, competent and speak several languages. Most important they take you safely to the best waters, while you relax on deck. Needless to say, you are welcome to participate in some sailing action, learn the ropes or improve your sailing skills.

If you don't want to lift a finger in the galley , a hostess will be "making things happen" below deck, while you enjoy the sun topside.

What qualifications do I need to charter a bareboat sailing / motor yacht?

Bareboat yacht charter in Greece (sailing and motor) legally requires two crew members capable of commanding the vessel. The skipper should have an appropriate, recognized sailing certificate. If not issued by an EU member state, certification should carry a translation in English. The co-skipper should provide similar certification to the skipper or may otherwise sign a self-declaration for the port authority.

Pelagos reserves the right to insist that charterers hire a skipper, despite their certification, if their sailing skills are not judged sufficient by our staff.

What about skippered charters?

If you need a captain, we can recommend a professional skipper. Even if you have experience in sailing, you may still require the services of a skipper to make your cruise more relaxing and benefit from the professional skippers' local knowledge. There is a set daily fee for the skipper's services regardless of the number of people on board and the type/size of yacht. Please remember that the skipper needs to be provided with his own cabin, as he is obliged to sleep on board.

Can I hire a hostess?

We may certainly provide a hostess. Her duties include shopping of provisions, cooking & serving, cabin cleaning, and deck helping. It is customary that guests plan their daily meals with the hostess and necessary provisions are being made at local markets on each island where fresh products are plenty. Please note that although skipper & hostess are onboard at the guests' service, they have to perform specific duties and work for a logical number of hours. For this reason, with some exceptions, dinner is not offered.

Which days of the week can I begin and end my charter?

Sailing yacht charters begin and end on Saturdays for multiples of seven days. In the low and medium season and depending on yacht availability, this may be flexible. In any case we will try to accommodate your wishes for different days of the week and uneven periods of time, such as a ten or twelve-day charter.

When do charters begin and end?

All charters begin with the check-in procedure at 17:00 on the day of departure (normally Saturdays) and end at 9:00 on Saturday with the check-out. All yachts should be at the check-out base by 18:00 on the day before- normally on Fridays- with an overnight till morning.

We ensure that yachts are always delivered to the next charter in perfect working order. If we can deliver your charter yacht earlier on the day of embarkation, without compromising our standards, we will, but this cannot be guaranteed.