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Saronic Gulf Islands & East Peloponnese Coast

Athens. The wellspring of civilization, the crown jewel of the Mediterranean, and a perfect spot to begin a sailing adventure that continues the tradition of thousands of years of sailing in the Aegean.


Aegina - Hydra - Poros - Spetses

The Small Gems

The Saronic islands of Aegina, the home to one of antiquity's most famous temples, Aphaia, Athena. Poros, Hydra famous for their maritime tradition and Spetses a “cars not allowed” island with arresting green beaches and the coast of Peloponnese provide easy sailing and a multitude of picturesque harbours.


Peloponnesian coast

The blesses land

On the Peloponnesian coast across the islet of Anghistri, in the Saronic Gulf, lies the village of Palia Epidavros. Located on the hillside is the theater of Epidaurus (3rd c. BC), the most famous and best preserved of all the ancient theaters in Greece.

Opposite Spetses island, visit Porto Heli, a big summer resort on a closed protected bay with a natural harbour, and further Nauplia (Nafplio), the old city with its neoclassic houses. You will feel like immersing yourself in history, climbing up to the Venetian fortress of Palamidi. Afloat in the middle of the bay, lies the fortified islet of Bourtzi.
On the southern coast of the peninsula, looking onto the Mirtoon sea, stands the former Byzantine- Venetian fortress-state of Monemvassia, on its rocky promontory. Time here seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages. Castles and ramparts, old mansions, little houses, narrow lanes paved with stone slabs and old low archways.