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Ionian Islands

Discover the Ionian islands!

Greece's Ionian Islands were where "the blue really begins" as far as writer Lawrence Durrell was concerned. Durrell had the mots justes, as always.

Like legions of travellers and tourists before and after, he revelled in the intensities of light and colour that Corfu and its sister islands reflect from the mirrors of sea and sky.


Corfu - Paxi - Lefkada

Fascinating cultural legacy

Corfu (Kerkira) is the most popular of them all. A very green island and a mixture of the civilizations that have passed through at various times. One will find crystal clear waters and vegetation that "sinks" into the deep blue sea.
On this cosmopolitan island it is easy to combine relaxation with intense night life.

Paxi is an incredible microcosm. A verdant sanctuary for peace and quiet. A "large-small" garden in bloom with the most amazing beaches, small coves, and sea caves.
Lefkada, perhaps the biggest yacht base in the Ionian, offers dence vegetation and smooth shores.
On the west, the coast is steep though there are many long sandy beaches. But everywhere the sea is that deep blue...


Kefalonia - Ithaca - Zakynthos

Odysseus meets Captain Correli

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands. Green rocks plunge suddenly into the deep blue waters. Picturesque villages and small beautiful towns highlighted by old mansions. To the North is the small village of Fiscardo, a pretty harbour, favoured by all sailors. An imposing monastery devoted to the Saint dominates the heights.

Ithaki, known to the world as being Odysseus' homeland, is a much loved place, with scenic beaches, sleepy little villages, and an ideal spot for an unforgettable vacation.
The southernmost island of the Ionian, is idyllic Zakinthos. It has its own way of enchanting the visitor and engraving itself in his memory. It is not easy to forget the emerald sea the pine covered hills, or the hospitable and open-hearted inhabitants of "Zante", as it is otherwise called.