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The Mystical

The Dodecanese are located East of the Cyclades, West of the Turkish coast. It is an enchanted world, where the sun paints pictures and gives life.


Rhodes - Patmos

The island of the sun

The largest island of this group is Rhodes, also known as "the island of the sun". The entire island is crammed with sights worth seeing, from the archaeological sites to the fabulous beaches.

Other islands worth mentioning are: Patmos, called "the Jerusalem of the Aegean". Here in one of Patmos' many caves, ST. John the Theologian had a vision of the Apocalypse. An imposing monastery devoted to the Saint dominates the heights.


Kalimnos - Astipalea - Kos

Grey, gold and green

Grey, gold and green, framed by the blue of the sea and sky, are the colours composing the portrait of Kalimnos and Astipalea' s small white houses with brightly painted windows open to the sun, caves with stalactites and stalagmites welcome the visitor.

Kos is a splash of deep green. Among the thousands of impressive sights are the "Asklepeion", the houses dating from the Roman era with the fabulous mosaics, and the palace of the knights of St. John in the town of Kos.

You will know you are on Simi by the mountains and the small valleys, wonderful coves, strong sense of tradition, and the monastery of the Archangel Michael with Byzantine frescos.

In the North of Dodecanese complex lay the North Aegean islands: Samo, Hios and Lesvos.
Olive trees, vineyards and thick pine forests, sandy beaches, monasteries, pretty traditional houses and old mansions combine with the aquamarine of the sea.